Chapter 2: Weed and Seeds

Still waiting for Stoney, but it’s early yet. I just got up – I slept 14 hours straight. So tired...I just crashed in the middle of writing a letter to Jeff.

I’m going to cut back the dope – wish Stoney would too. He can be difficult, especially when he’s high. He’s careless with his dope, leaving it all over the apartment. The other day, when I picked up a newspaper, weed and seeds fell all over the floor, and I had to pick it all up by hand. What if the cops come? We’d never flush that shit down fast enough.

God, I’m so worried about him--he’s bringing back a lot of acid, hiding it in his coat lining. I think the heat is onto him – it’s only a matter of time before the cops nail him. We might both end up in jail, and that would really freak my grandparents out.


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