Memoir Madness – Special Thanks and Acknowledgments


To Dr. Mariano A. Favis, Jr., for being one of the good guys. Your wisdom changed the course of my life. Thanks to Michael Klein, author of Track Conditions and my former Goddard advisor, for his careful comments on my draft; he helped me to decide what to add and delete – mostly delete.

Thanks, also, to York College of Pennsylvania’s Faculty Development Committee for a much-needed grant so that I could finish this book in a timely manner. Last, but definitely not least, thanks to my husband Jerry Siegel who read several drafts and offered me many valuable comments and insights.

Apologies to Jeff Brown, a starring player and still my friend, for his immense understanding. I can only imagine what it might be like to have one’s past life dragged out and exposed to the world by an ex-spouse. Also, thanks to Jeff for reading the drafts and commenting on them.

Apologies to one bit player: although my husband Jerry had no role in my life during the late 1960’s, he has patiently accompanied me in my various quests for information. It must feel strange to read about that other Jennifer, not quite the Jennifer he met, courted, and married.

Additional apologies to three offstage players: Eric, my son by Jeff; Casey, Jeff’s late wife; and Rhia, my granddaughter – Eric’s daughter. They have absolutely no role in this drama, and yet, by association, they are a peripheral part of it.


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